Monday, October 24, 2011

Six Month Progress report.

I got great news from the doctors today.  They say I am in full remission and won't have to see them until January.  This time last year I didn't know I had a problem and now it looks as if I won the first battle.  Dr. McGary said I responded to treatment much better than most.  Dr. Arnold said my faith had made me well. Both agreed that I had done better than the majority of lung cancer patients. 

I feel like I should do something special for all those who prayed and supported me through the darkness of chemo and radiation treatments.  I just wish I knew what I could do. I will pray for and ask a blessing for you all and I know God will answer my prayer. See you in a while.

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  1. Your good health is all we need. To see you happy and healthy makes us all happy too. That alone is blessing enough.