Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 9

I'm a little late in posting today.  The last chemo treatment in this series is a killer.  I spent all day (6+hrs.) in the seat today.  When I got home it felt like I had been run over by truck.  Daughter Emily accompanied me to and from and spent the day watching me get the junk dripping into my system. My kids sure are a help in this. All in all I have come through this first round without too much discomfort.
 As I go into and out of the center each day I am amazed by how many people are going through this regimen each day with me.  It's a steady stream of patients and there seems to be no end.  You never notice anything as much as when you are a part of it. 
The best of the day was during the middle of the treatment.  I looked out the window and pointed out to Emily that up there was my hawk.  He flew in over the area circled above my window and sailed off, as if to say.  "I will never forsake you."

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  1. Lovin' that hawk. Any we see down here, we're sending them your way!