Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Feb 20, 2011

Yesterday was a fairly good day until the night came on.  The steroids I'm taking make the nights long and tense.  I can't sleep but I don't hurt so I just have to lay there and think.  Too much thinking can get you into trouble so I try not to think.  I usually settle down about 4:00am and then I'm up at 5:30 or 6:00 ready to go
The week end as been a good one.  Tammy and I went out for two outings so I could get some exercise while the weather is good.   Can't do too much but it makes me feel better to go and do something for a little while rather than sit and do nothing.  Dr. Mc Garry said it was best not to sit down and to eat as much as I can.  I do both and both do help me feel better.  Good friends calling and stopping by are a great help.  Brother Mack calls often and that keeps the family connection going.  Ted checks in every now and then also. 

I'm getting ready to go to Church and that has its fear factor.  Now is the time that I can catch stuff as my system goes down so I have to watch hugs and hand shakes and little kids especially. 

O yeah,  My furnace quit working this morning.  What's up with that.  Hope we can find someone to fix it on Sunday.  It will get cold in here tonight. 

Just radiation tomorrrow and Tammy is taking me; should be in and out on 20 min. 
Thanks to everyone for the help and God bless you all and your house.

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