Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb. 25,2011

Te srinking tumor fought back late yesterrday and last night.  Lots of lower back bain and sleeplessness.  Don't know why my lower back started hurting.  That is close to nothing that we are fighting.  Seems like enimies find your weak spot no matter where it is.  At any rate had a fairly rough night but did manage to sleep some.  My radiation treatment yesterday was later than usual because one of their machines was broken and all patients had to share the same one.  It was fine.  Upset the tech more than it did me.  Brother Dave Evans took me and I thank him for giving up his afternoon. Kevin Tudor is on duty today and I am so greatful for these people.

Talked to much family from WV yesterday and We hear Emma loved "River Dance" night before last.  Good ole Irish girl that she is. Talked with cuzz Doug at length and things in Corton seem to be as usual,(that would be pretty dead).  That ws a good place to grow up but wouldn't want to live there.

I go back this morning and I hope the machine is fixed.  I also hope I get some strength back and that my back stops hurting.  Pray that we have a good weekend.  At least I have a 2 day break from Lexington.
I pray that the Lord blesses each and everyone and their house.

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  1. Roger, did you tell the medical people about your back pain??? Seems they could prescribe some pain relief for you.....
    Still praying every day for you & the family...wish there was more I could do !!!!!!
    Love & prayer support