Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12, 2011

Yesterday I would not have given much hope for my pain and suffering easing up.  Today I awoke after 7 hours of unaided, sleep and was able to eat an egg, a piece of toast, bacon and a cup of tea.  I even drank the tea in gulps.  I recall telling my wife that "if I could just sleep through the night and wake up without pain killers of any kind, then I would feel that I am on the mend.  Well, does God ever do anything half way.  I did all that plus eat a full breakfast.  I have raised my hands and shouted like my great uncle Bob Kennedy.  He was my grandfather's brother. Though I never knew him I have heard stories of how he would shout to the Lord in the field while he worked.  He was not trying to impress anyone except God.
I hope this is a trend.  I have had good days before but this one feels different.  I know that a lot of good people have been praying for this and I cannot thank you enough.  Lets praise God for what he has done.

We plan on having a praise service this Sunday at 3:00 at the 1st Baptist Church in Mt Sterling.  If anything  this will be more unorganized and impromptu than the last one.  I just want anyone who wants to sing to come and sing and anyone who wants to praise or pray to come. I have a PET scan in a week and I want to praise God for healing me before then. Come if you can or praise where you are if you can't.
 If you want to sing, let me know and I will put you on the program.  God bless you and your house.

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