Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011

If my Dad were alive today he would be 109 years old.  He was born this day in 1903.  He died in 1986 and I still miss him every day. 
We had the praise service yesterday and I came away feeling that we did what the Lord wanted us to do;  Praise and worship him.  there were not a lot of people there but those who were there were God's own.
My thanks to Jack and Gwin Tipton, Megan and Christopher Stull  and Leigh Shultz for their singing.  Jen Jinkins for her beautiful solo and  Wayneanne for helping me out in leading the songs.  The prayers that went up were,I know, a sweet smell to our Lord.  Thanks to everyone who made it possible especially Mark Murphy who did sound.
Feeling better today but still have that ole chemo hangover that will last some time more.  I'm eating pretty well except when I get in a hurry and try to take too big of bites.  If I keep it slow I can do ok. I would still like to gulp and wolf down a peck of food.
One more week until I find out what progress all this has made against my cancer.  I pray that it has had some effect.  It would be a shame to go through this and have nothing get better.
God bless you and your house.

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