Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26, 2011

I saied through the first day of chemo and did not feel bad at any point.  I know there was much prayer all around for me or it would not have turned out that way.  I am going for round 2 today and it is only have of what I got yesterday. NO MORE SYPLATINUM(sp im sure).  That's the evil one.
Each morning I read a list of reasons why God does not want or allow cancer in my body.  I is in a book that was given to me bu Enoc Eubank.  It says things like; tumors you are not allowed in my body because I am indwelled by by Jesus etc.  I have about 10 of those I read out loud during my pray for myself and others.  Yesterday morning I got this "still small voice" that said, " I heard that the first time you read it and I healed you then.  I,m not deaf  and you can stop now.  You are the one in the way of healing."  It hit me like a ton of Bricks.  I am the one who needs to believe  in the healing power of God and those prayin fo me.  Yesterday was a little preview of what He was talking about.  The prayers of many people were answered in that I did not get wrecked by the chemo.  Oh how little fath I have.  So, My brothers and sisters. Pray for my faith to grow so that I may help others to do likewise.
Another thing that lifted my sprits yesterday was I had the same nurse I had the fist day of my chemo the last time I went through it.  I never saw her again after that meeting and she didn't  remember me.(no hair now, me not her).  When I told her that I remembered her because she was the one nurse who had that something extra that caused me to remember her she said "Oh You are the guy with the hawk. You know I see them every where now."  I said that she should remember who sent it not me or the hawk.  I know that God reaches people and any way he can.  I can start a Hawk menistry.  Does anyone out there make Tshirts.  I need one with a hawk and some phrase on it about God.
God also has a since of humor.  Yesterday we did not see a single hawk.  But two geese landed on top of a building next door to us while I was in chemo and one of them looked over the ledge( you could just see his head and a little neck), as if to say, "I don't know why I'm here but God said to look in on you so here's to you pal".  We all laughed and I heard God laugh too.  God bless you and your house.

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