Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1 2011

Today I awoke with a slight fever(99.8)  and have not felt good all day.  They put me on an anti biotic this evening as a precaution. My cough has gotten worse and it's making it hard to sleep.  Seems to get worse by the day. 
I went for radiation today and they said I am to have a CT scan tomorrow and then they are going to change the program a little bit.  Not sure what that means but I guess they are going to me more intense.  Radiation makes it hard to get food down and makes me tired.  Chemo is working overtime and my hair is mostly gone.
Carlie Bowen came to see me today and picked my day up quite  bit.  We ad some time to talk and reflect and it was like old times.  I was sorry that I could not play music todaybut the visit raised my spirits. Thanks Charlie for your visit.

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