Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Kyle and I are going into chemo for the next to lst round.  I will be so glad when chemo is over. We ad a rough time yesterday evening afte my infusion because of sickness but feel fairly good today.

Lawd, Lawd got them chemo blues
From the top of my bald head
To the bottom of my numb shoes.
Ain't no body can say I ain't paid my dues
Lawd, Lawd got them chemo blues.

Went to the wig store to make me feel more a man
I went to that wig store make me feel more a man.
They say we ain't got nothin' to make you young again.

I look to the heavens to get some comfort there
I look to the heavens  to get some comfort there
That old Hawk he done told me
You know Jesus is always there

I look at the wig man
and smile like I ain't never smiled
I look at that wig man
And smiles like I ain't never smiled
He don't understand
I think he's gettti'n riled.

Lawed lawed I got them Chemo blues
Lawd lawd got them chemo blues
But that old hawk he done told me
Don't worry no more
' Bout them blues.

God bless you and your house.

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