Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011

Regular radiation treatment this morning transported by Vicki Clark.  Thank you Vicki.  I had a super fast heart beat in the middle of the night caused by an antibiotic I was taking.  They took me off of that today.  I had to beg and show them the warning on the lit. that came with the meds.  I feel some better right now but I have not made the bottom curve yet.  I can't wait to start feeling better.  I hope it's soon.  only two weeks until my next round of chemo and I want to get back to my fighting weight by then.  That was 15 lbs. ago. Emily and Ben, my dayghter and son in law, are coming this evening to help out and I look foward to their visit.  Hope everyone has a good weekend and God bless your house.

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