Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3, 2011 Srinking Tumor,Laughing Hawk.

About 3:45 this morning I had a hard time and laying there I ,don't know if I was asleep or awake, ( At this time of the morning all you can do is lay there and pray to God to ease the pain and help you go back to sleep),  I had this dream or vision that I was in a flat endless desert and it was blazing hot.  I looked up and could see this hawk flying above leadeing me in a certain direction.  I called out that I needed more, like a hand to hold.  Suddenly I was in a place near a rock and the hawk was shilding me from the sun with his wings.It was an answer to much prayer.
I had my treatment this morning, then had a CT scan then spent a long time talking with my Doctor( McGary). He said that all of the pains I am having are normal for where I am in the treatment process.  Have to go to softer foods at room temp. and e gave me a sollution called Dr. McGary's Magic Mouth Wash, that he said would numb the pain if I let a tablespoon trickel down my throat 5 min. befor I eat. Havent tried it yet but I plan to tomorrow.  They are going to reduce the area of radiation and make it a stronger shot starting Monday after they get the Ct scan results.
I have to change my diet so I can get my sugar levels down.  I also need to loose weight.  That means I have to eat protein, lots of fat and cut back on carbs and sugar.  Couple that with the soft room temp. stuff and you have absolutely nothing to eat but snowballs, briers and twigs He also gave me new pain drugs that will probably make me goofy.  He said better goofy than hurting.  I'm not so sure of that.
That's al the news worth reading from this end.  May God bless you all.  Thank you Ron for taaking me today.

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